Winter is coming

Heating bills to much this winter?

It is safe to say, we have had some very cold days and nights just recently and your heating will certainly be working overtime. With higher heating bills through the winter months, we have to ask ourselves, Where does all that money go?

It is not just the rates that we are being charged that make the extra large bills. The way we are at home makes a huge difference to our bills, and believe me it all adds up.

Being a gas engineer I started to realise where I was wasting valuable energy in my home. So I set out to make some changes and save some money on my heating bills.

Now I pay a reasonable amount and not sat in a hat and scarf to stay warm.

How did I do it?

You can start with these simple things and your heating (and money) will go a lot further this winter.

  • Make sure your thermostat is located in a place away from radiators or windows. This can make the thermostat think it is hotter or colder than it actually is.
  • Make sure your radiators are have a free flow. A power flush can normally remove any sludge build up making it easier for the radiators to heat up.
  • Are the radiators clear of any obstruction? Sometimes space can be tight and its tempting to hide the radiator with that 3 seater sofa. Try and ensure if this is a must that you leave enough room for heat to radiate out and into the room.
  • Have your boiler serviced – Having your boiler serviced ensures that it is running at its most efficient, meaning no lost pennies there!

Hopefully, this is enough to get you started, even with these few tips, you would be surprised at the difference it can make.

Get making some changes this year as one thing is always for sure…